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Holiday English Assignment

Thursday, September 08, 2011 @ 9:31:00 PM

I'd like to tell you about my previous holiday. It's about last days of Ramadhan, Eid, and days after Eid,ofcourse.
It was started in August 19th, Friday night. My friends and I went to Carnaval Beach at Ancol, to watch Paramore live concert. It was a really long trip, until we did the break fasting in the middle of the epic traffic with only a bottle of drink. We arrived there, and got in front of the stage. With an opening act by The Swellers, and Paramore really rocked it. I couldn't help feeling my feet that hurted so bad but it was all really worth it. We were all enjoying the night so much. On the next Monday, in the afternoon, I went to Syifa's house to gather with my best friends I had since we met at 7th grade. We watched this cool movie, X Men: First Class. Then my other friends drove to pick me and my other 3 friends up from Syifa's, and we went straight to Soto House to have our break fasting with my 9th grade classmates which are also, my best friends. We were missing each other so much that we decided to go to BSD Square after that to spent more time together, bought drinks&donuts from J.Co and moved again to KFC, some brought something there, too, and we were just chit-chating and took lot of photos, remembering that we're all really separated right now so it's not easy to meet eachother. The next two days, some of my 9 grade friends and I went to Teraskota to watch Kungfu Panda 2. I love that movie, it was hillarious! Then we went to Ovan's house to have break fasting. Her mother invited us and cooked for us, it was a really nice of her and Ovan, of course. And that night we went to Ocean Park, launced some kinds of fireworks then some young-strangers came to interrupt and took some of our fireworks, so we only had a few left. But it was still a great night because funny things kept happening. The next day I went to Putri's house, a.k.a Kojeng, with some of my 7th grade best friends, too. It was just because Kojeng couldn't make it the previous day at Syifa's. We watched Haunted Changi, which turned out to be not a really exciting movie for us. Then her parents brought nasi Padang for break fasting. One of our favorite food to order, as usual. I felt excited those days, I met Ghina, Kojeng, Ovan and Gari who are now staying and school far from us that we could barely meet.
On Sunday, August 28th, my family and I went to Bandung to stay at my grandma's house. Along the way I expected there would be a crazy traffic and everything, but I was so shocked because there weren't any and it only took 1 and a half hour to get there. It was an unexpected fact, really. The following days my mother, cousins, and I were travelling around Bandung. Going to some malls and bought some things. Those were fun days until there were these rumours about Eid that the date wasn't really sure. But my family and I just obeyed the goverment, so our Eid was on August 31st. On the Eid day, families were visiting my grandma's. There weren't as much families as the previous year that came, so I didn't get much money. It was really dissapointing, actually, I was expecting more money because I was willing to buy these certain things I need. That night, my mom, aunt and some cousins went to visit my cousin's mother-in-law's place to celebrate my cousin's birthday. I thought the place was still at Bandung, but unfortunatelly it was at Subang. I really couldn't resist the traffic that drove us 3 hours to arrive. But the long trip was worth it. The place was amazing with lake around the 'saung' accross the house(which was connected but some kind of little bridge), and they had so many kind of food there, one of them was roasted goat which was known as Kambing Guling. The roasted goat was lying there by something that made it hanging, so we had to slice the meat out of the goat itself. We were all soo full and I got nausea all along the trip back home. It was too late to arrive to my granma's, that the door was all locked, we couldn't get in and we had to wait almost 1 hour in the chilly-Bandung-night. The rest day before I got back to Jakarta, I was just travelling around again, looking for food and everything I thought I won't find it at Jakarta&BSD. On 3rd September, Saturday morning, we heard the news about the car accident at the toll road which caused someone's death. Thanks to God my family and I could make it back to our house safely.
On Sunday, my mom, brother, and I went to Grand Indonesia to go shopping, had lunch there, and went home. I spent the rest of my day to watch Video Music Awards on MTV and watched The Glee Project streaming, because I hate waiting for those episodes in the television. It came out really late. The next day, this was the crazy one because my mom, brother and I, we went back to Bandung again. But this time we stayed at my aunt's place, and on Tuesday, we went to Trans Studio Bandung. My brother, cousins and I were enjoying ourselves there, while my mom and aunt were travelling around inside BSM. Those rides were really fun and challanging, I thought I might be come back again if I wasn't suppose to line for almost an hour, for some rides.
I came home the next day. I'm blessed to have such a wonderful holiday, even at some points I felt exhausted,etc. Now I have to be ready to face school again on the next week. And prepare everything because there are lot of homeworks to do. But I can't wait to go to school to meet my friends and everything.


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@ 9:24:00 PM


Merlin's Beard! Can't believe I'm saying this but I really do miss blogger :"D
I'm in Senior High School now :D It's the same school as my Junior one. Al Azhar BSD. Nothing's really changing actually, really. Just friends going to different schools out there, and some other come, just like that. I miss posting blog,really. How I post every little thing....every single thing I did. Every second of my movement, I posted here-_-
I'm back because my English teacher's giving me an assignment: an essay about our holiday should be posted on blog. Which I will post after this. Getting older, getting busier, more lot to do. But that doesn't mean I'm forgetting my blogger account, does it? I will remember my email & password, of course. So...

I'm back, baby. Gita is back ;)


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